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Dip. Couns., B.A., Dip.Tch., M.N.Z.A.C.

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Adults, couples, young people & children

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What issues do I work with?

I work with children and teens facing many and varied issues:  

friendship problems, playground and cyber bullying, parents separating and divorcing, adjusting to a  blended family, problems with self-esteem,  sexual abuse, school pressures, appearance pressures, peer pressure to drink, smoke, take drugs, have sex.......and more.


How do I work with children and young people?

My first priority is to establish a safe and trusting relationship by being  unconditionally accepting and carefully  listening.

My goals are to help them become aware of their thoughts and feelings, recognise their strengths and limitations, change behaviours that have negative consequences and empower them to work out solutions.  


Working with children

Before the first session, whenever possible, I contact parents, teachers and other adults involved with the child.

Each one hour session usually has a combination of talking together, drawing therapy and play therapy. (See explanation below *) As they play, I help each child make connections to their real world and think about their options and choices for  making changes.


*Play therapy works on the principle that play is children’s symbolic language for expressing their experiences.  A  child can “self-heal” through their subconscious choice of different activities, and through their interactions with different media in the room.  These might include drawing, play dough, soft toys, doll’s house and using the sand tray with small objects.


Working with young people

When we first meet we talk about what’s going on for the young person in their world…. school, friends, home, health, recreation, feelings. We set  some goals together.  Depending on the age and needs of each young person, we might use each hour session just for talking, or we might do some art and drawing, or use some of the other equipment in my room.


As we work together, the young person starts to understand their life better- their thoughts, feelings,  behaviours and relationships, and they become empowered to make positive choices and changes.

Counselling solutions for children and young people

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