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Dip. Couns., B.A., Dip.Tch., M.N.Z.A.C.

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Adults, couples, young people & children

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How long is each session and what is the cost?

Each session lasts an hour and costs $90.


How many sessions would I need?

It all depends on the issue(s) you are wanting help with. Some people come 2 or 3 times, others come for 6 or more, and some come for a longer block, have a break, then return for further sessions. We will discuss your options together.


How do I know for sure that information I share will

be kept confidential?

I am bound by the NZ Association of Counselling Code of Ethics

to keep all spoken and written information confidential.

The only exception is that under New Zealand law I have to disclose information (preferably with your permission), if you or others around you are at risk.


How does confidentiality work for children

& young people and their parents?

I like to involve parents/caregivers when I work with children

and young people, because it is more difficult to facilitate change without their support. However, the child or young person needs to know that all the information they share is absolutely confidential

and will only be divulged with their permission.  

To that end, we will have discussions about the frequency

and content of parent consultation sessions.


What does it mean to be registered for Sensitive Claims work? 

I can lodge a claim for ACC funding on behalf of anyone who has been sexually abused.  ACC has recently revised their Sensitive Clams process and will now fund a comprehensive number of counselling sessions for anyone who needs help for sexual abuse and its effects.



What are your qualifications and background?

I have an extensive teaching background, and have been a qualified counsellor for eight years. I am a Member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors and am guided by their Code of Ethics.  Regular supervision  ensures that I maintain safe practice.


Where do you work from?

I work from my home in Two Mile Bay, Taupo, in a quiet

cul de sac.


How do I make appointments?

You can send me an email by clicking on the link to my email address on the Contact page, or ring/text my cellphone,

or ring my landline – details on Contact page.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers