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So you’re interested in Skype online counselling??


Wondering how it might work and how it compares with normal face-to-face counselling?


Below are some questions people often ask, and answers to those questions.


Does skype work as well as traditional face- to -face counselling?


Research undertaken by Dr Autumn Backhous and associates in 2012 indicates that the outcomes for clients who do video counselling can be similar to those having standard therapy in person. They did a literature review on 65 articles and concluded that this type of counselling is “generally associated with good user satisfaction and is found to have similar clinical outcomes to traditional face-to-face psychotherapy.”  As with standard counselling, the most important factor in client improvement is the quality of the relationship that’s established.


What sort of issues can be dealt with via skype?


Most of the issues that are dealt with in a regular face-to-face setting can also be dealt with on skype.  Issues like depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship problems, work stress, trauma and abuse, parenting, grief and loss, anger, and unresolved childhood issues. The exceptions are when there is risk of suicide, acute crisis, or serious mental health issues.  There are limits to what a counsellor can do remotely, so in cases like this you should see your doctor or local therapist first.


What age do you need to be?


The youngest age I work with using Skype is ten years old, and the young person needs to have had some experience with technology like skype.


What are the advantages of skype counselling?


Lots! You can choose to see a counsellor anywhere in the country - or the world! This can be an advantage if you live in a small place.  You can “shop around” until you find someone you feel comfortable with. Skype counselling saves you time and money as there’s no travelling involved.


If you have restricted mobility, are housebound, live in a remote area, don’t have childcare, work irregular hours, or are travelling, skype counselling allows you to get the help you need.  When you are in the familiar surroundings of your own home you can feel more relaxed, safe and in control of the whole process, which allows you to open up to the counsellor more readily.


What are the disadvantages of skype counselling?


Technological glitches such as a poor connection may interrupt the session.  In that case we will have a prior agreement about what will happen next. Some people find it disconcerting not to be in the same physical space as their counsellor, without the friendly handshake at the start and their reassuring physical presence if things get emotional.  


How does payment work?


If you are in New Zealand I provide my NZ bank account for you to make an online payment before the session. If you are in another country we use PayPal.



What do I need to do to get started?


First of all download Skype if you haven’t already got it installed. Next, send an email to me at jan.counselling@gmail.com  letting me know your user name and requesting that I add you to my contacts.  After that we’ll set up a time to meet.  I’ll send you a few questions to answer so I can get to know you a little before we start, and you can also ask any questions you have. Easy!


Look forward to meeting with you!


Skype Online Counselling 

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